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Early cancer detection is crucial in prevention..

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It is especially crucial for those with certain risk factors, such as a history of cigarette smoking, family history of cancer, or exposure to environmental toxins to get regular check-ups.  Early cancer detection will drastically reduce your chance of dying from cancer.  Here are some recommendations. General A cancer-related check-up every three years for those [...]


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63rd Street Farm..

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Me with Afro chicken baby

Just minutes from downtown Boulder is 63rd Street Farm and I actually discovered Boulder Reservoir while getting lost trying to find my way there so I’m thankful for that as well.  It is really a different kind of farm for they have so many projects going on there, its pretty unbelievable.  I love their mission [...]

My Obsevation of Cafe Aion in Boulder, Co

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Chef and co-owner of Café Aion, Dakota Soifer, was an honor to observe.  He was professional, sharp, really knowledgeable, and insightful. Furthermore, I really appreciated his calm yet focused demeanor.  Not only did he efficiently schedule our observation the same week I walked into the restaurant and asked, he also let both me and Hannah [...]

Hello from France! Thoughts on finishing culinary school..

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France has been a priceless, unforgettable, and at moments, overwhelming experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend Chef Michel Bouit’s educational culinary tours. I spent the week (which included my birthday) with wonderful people who made my first time to Europe that much more extraordinary. As I gluttonously dined and wined my way through Nice [...]

Rebecca Wood

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She knows what she is talking about. One of my favorite authors.. Encyclopedia of Healing Foods is my most referenced book.  Love..  Read it and then we can discuss it further.

Real Food to me is….

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=) food that does not come out of a package or box. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, meat, eggs, real milk, etc.. food from the farm ( that’s why you want to shop at farmer’s markets and not grocery stores).. traditional foods.. what we ate before industrialization.. it is not whipped cream in an [...]

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Hello world!

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Hi everyone!!  Welcome to my site.. it is not quite ready yet but here I go.. doing it..  learning as I go.. looking forward to the process.. =)

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