Local Nutritionist and Professional Chef Sheds Light on What is Real Food and What Must Be Considered to Be Really Healthy

Boulder, CO— Boulder is undoubtedly a health nut’s heaven, but where does one begin? Having a nutrition consultant help you discover and understand your biochemical individuality can be extremely beneficial in mapping out a personalized plan for wellness. The expression “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, is key when it comes to your diet, as there are endless factors to consider including the state your body is currently in, something that is ever changing.

We all want to eat healthy and have that food nourish us but in our modern society, it can be challenging to navigate through the bombardment of nutrition information and know what ‘real food’ and what “healthy” really means.

Angela Huang is a certified nutrition consultant, educator, writer, and professional chef specializing in gut-brain nutrition, allergies, blood sugar regulation, immune health, and digestion. Eating seasonal, organic, unrefined, and local (S.O.U.L.) food is emphasized in her approach to healing. Experienced with vegetarian, vegan, Paleolithic, GAPS, Body Ecology, Weston A. Price, and unique allergen-free diets, Angela has, through a lifelong process of trial and error, been able to maintain her own health through nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and brain training. Her goal is to optimize your mental and physical heath through feeding both your mind and body. She is available for group and private consultations and creating or teaching you to create nutritious food tailored specific to your unique biochemical individuality.


Angela S. Huang


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