Hello from France! Thoughts on finishing culinary school..

France has been a priceless, unforgettable, and at moments, overwhelming experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend Chef Michel Bouit’s educational culinary tours. I spent the week with wonderful people who made my first time to Europe that much more extraordinary. As I gluttonously dined and wined my way through Nice and Paris, I became more of a food snob than I already am. Much to be said about the culture, the quality of food, and the way food is treated with respect here, a pleasant break from the American way of food consumption.

Simply put, you could say that food here has soul, something that has been lost in fast food America.

All in all, I feel that got what I wanted and more from the culinary arts program at AESCA and from going to France.

My passion for food and cooking has only grown.

Here is an excerpt from my statement of intent for applying to the school:

“These experiences, along with many others, have solidified my life-long passion: cooking. Over the years, what food and cooking mean to me has deepened and matured in complexity.

To me, cooking is a magnificent art form that lets me express my creativity in a way that nothing else has. I love art in all its forms- from music and dance, to origami. However, cooking is the only art form that engages all the senses. Food connects me to mother earth, to community, to culture, to politics, and to life. Cooking food has developed deeper meaning to me than just my enjoyment of it.

Eating SOUL food (seasonal, organic, unrefined, and local) is not only better for the environment and the people who grow and raise our food, but it is also the most nutritious way to feed our bodies and minds.

I have been hesitant about going to a classical French culinary school because I know now that I do best on a diet that abstains from dairy, yeast, sugar, and wheat, which are key ingredients to French cooking. However, I believe that every setback makes you stronger. The skills and technique I learn in school will allow me to improve the lives of others who have similar food restrictions. My goal is to create gourmet food that’s not only beautiful and delicious, but also nourishes each person by recognizing his or her unique biochemical needs.”

I have gained more than I could ever ask for and feel like so many doors have been opened and will continue to open for me because I have lived out my dream of going to culinary school. I am so tremendously grateful for the last 6 months of my life. Thank you, Chef Chad (my teacher) and Auguste Escoffier for making my dreams reality. =)

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